A source told us that Miri striker Gabriel Nistelrooy is close to a deal with Johor Darul Ta’zim, if he signs with the JDT-Valencia Academy.

According to our source, Nistelrooy had been offered ‘a very good contract’ by JDT to participate in the JDT-Valencia Academy after he impressed scouts during the trail session a few weeks ago.

The JDT website said “Entry into the JDT-Valencia academy is not as simple and trainees are carefully hand-picked”.

According to a statement by the La Liga club in 2017, “The Valencia Academy coaches will introduce and oversee the implementation of a long-term player development plan for JDT. This plan will be based on Valencia Academy’s proven methodologies and development philosophies, adapted to JDT’s needs and context,”.

It was our understanding that the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) is however interested to retain the promising striker and is also offering a counter offer.

If Nistelrooy accepts FAS’s offer, we were told he would be placed in the Piala Presiden team which is headed by Jalil Ramli.

So far, there is no firm proof about what we were told by the source in regards to this offer, but if it is true, Nistelrooy would need to decide his future carefully.

Regardless of his decision, we hope he would decide for his future. All the best!


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