Sarawak does not lack football talent and the recent inclusion of four Sarawakians to the JDT team trial by invitation from JDT is proof of that.

According to the information we obtained, goalkeeper Vincent Sigar Yahaya and striker Gabriel Nistelrooy Ak Tamin are now in the southern state to win a spot in JDT’s youth program.

Vincent Sigar Yahaya has been invited to trial for a spot in the JDT-Valencia Academy while Gabriel Nistelrooy was invited to impress coaches of JDT 3.

Both Vincent and Gabriel are a product of Miri FA and they are expected to complete their trial on the 20th of December 2018.

Aside from the duo, Joehansen Ambas and Mohamad Zharmie, both under-17 players from the Serian League had also been invited to trial for JDT’s U-17 team.

If the four players impress enough, they are likely to be brought into the JDT youth system which is regarded as one of the best in Malaysia.



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