Utusan Borneo today somewhat confirmed that Mohd Farhan Abdullah is the new head coach of Sarawak FA.

The daily, when quoting Farhan on the trial of four Indonesians players, named Farhan as the head coach of Sarawak FA.

The ‘leak’ comes as the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) is preparing to announce their new head coach for Sarawak FA following the reshuffle of the team recently.

Nonetheless, this so called leak can still be taken with a pinch of salt as one would still need FAS to confirm who is the new head coach for Sarawak FA.

Previously, we had already been given information by a source that David Usop and Farhan were shortlisted for the post with Farhan likely being the assistant.

The source said David was the likely candidate, but the selection of Farhan this time around does surprise us.

We could of course speculate that David had declined the job, but until FAS confirms the matter, we prefer not to as FAS can then use that as an excuse to again issue a media statement claiming we are ‘perosak bolasepak Sarawak’.

Nonetheless, if the ‘leak’ by Utusan Borneo is true, then it seems that Farhan would lead Sarawak FA as a head coach of 2019.

For the record, Farhan or better known as Anai Igang, had led Bintulu to become champions of the recently concluded Piala Sarawak.

He was also assisting Haji Zaki and later Robert Alberts when the Dutchman was head coach of Sarawak FA.

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