The additional three Indonesian players joining Sarawak FA as triallist today was made known, with one player from Papua included.

The trio joins Rian Firmansyah, who had already been training with Sarawak FA since December 2018.

According to a post by the official Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) page, the three players that came to the training today were 21 year old striker Muhd. Hanafi from Kota Pontianak, Hezron Benyamin (21 years old) from Jayapura, Papua who plays as a midfielder and left winger Felix Fortunata (19 years old) from Kota Pontianak.

Hezron is the most well known among the four having his name also included in popular football managerial game Football Manager, with local site TribunPontianak making news about him quite frequently.

Felix Fortunata on the other hand does have a few videos of him on Youtube and one news article we found in regards to him stated that he had scored one goal in 11 appearances for his club Porti.

We nonetheless couldn’t find any information about Rian Firmansyah and Muhd. Hanafi as every search came out empty.

Sarawak FA is looking to strengthen their Liga Premier team with foreign players after recently announcing 25 players to their new 2019 team. Already signed as a forign import is Holland player, Ronald Hikspoors.