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Sarawak football fans unhappy by unfair six month suspension for Hairol

Fans of Sarawak football have come up united to display their displeasure over what they deem as ‘biased’ decision by the Discipline Committee of the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM).

The decision by the committee yesterday saw the Crocs Hairol Mokhtar, banned from national football for six month, a move which will most likely ‘kill’ the 31-year-old footballer’s career.

Hairol was found guilty by the committee for ‘violent behavior’ towards the match official Nazmi Nasaruddin, which also gave Hairol his marching orders during the game. Nazmi’s decision was slammed by Sarawak head coach David Usop during the game, and FAS was reported to have sent a formal appeal and complaint over the incident which saw two Sarawak players banished from the game.

The incident was captured on video as seen below. It can be seen that Hairol pushed the referee twice.

Spokesperson of Sarawak football ultras, UltraCrocs when contacted said that they are not able to comment much on the incident, or whether the suspension is fair as they feel that Hairol was just only exercising his rights as the team captain to defend his team mates. However, they feel that there needs to be an investigation in regards to refereeing quality, as well the consistency of fines given out by FAM.

On social media however, the displeasure of Sarawak fans over the decision can be greatly seen with many condemning the national football body, with some even asking Sarawak to pull out of FAM. Our on-going poll on Twitter also revealed that fans felt the decision was harsh.

It is noted that the suspension of Hairol from football this time around, is heavier than any similar case or offense in the English Premier League.

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  1. Biasalah sikap pilih kasih fam, biarkan ajak ayuh kita penuhkan stadium pelawaan dgn kelantan agar sidak tahu kita tetap setia dgn pasukan Sarawak, ayuh anak Sarawak bangkitlah kerana perjuangan belum selesai Hooohaaa Uu

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