Indonesian midfielder Rian Nugraha Yukandi is getting closer to sealing a deal with Sarawak FA after the club announced that he is the only Indonesian player left with the team out of the four imports.

The official Facebook page of Sarawak FA said that Rian had thrilled the coaches with his technique and adaptability with the current crop of Sarawak FA players.

According to Tribun Pontianak, Rian was scouted by Sarawak FA officials during the recent visit to the Indonesian city of Pontianak, and he was asked to join for trails since December 2018.

The same paper also reported that the trio of players which were called just last week, will also return to Indonesia today.

The trio from Indonesia are Hezron, Felix Fortunata dan Hanafi.  It is much anticipated that Rian would join Sarawak FA for their pre-season matches as well.

Sarawak FA is currently building its team after the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) presiden, Posa Majais, announced the whole team would be disbanded at the end of last season following the poor results.

The team is believed to have selected Mohd Farhan Abdullah as the new head coach for the new season.

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