Sarawak FA has made known their plans to play pre-season friendly matches in West Malaysia.

Today, Utusan Borneo confirmed the three opponents being Liga Premier side Selangor United and PDRM FA, while their toughest challenge would come from Liga Super side Melaka United.

All matches are planned in West Malaysia with the Sarawak team likely to be based in Klang Valley during the friendly pre-season.

To simplify, the matches are scheduled as follows:

Selangor United vs Sarawak FA
4:45PM @17 January 2019
Padang Persada PLUS

PDRM FA vs Sarawak FA
4:45PM @19 January 2019
Stadium Pulapol, KL

Melaka United vs Sarawak FA
Time TBA @21 January 2019
Hang Jebat Stadium, Melaka

The time of each match wasn’t released as for now, but we will republish this article once the time is known.

The news report also said that Sarawak head coach Farhan Abdullah is looking to see how his players adapt and gel together as a unit during the pre-season.

He also hoped to evaluate Indonesian midfielder Rian Firmansyah, who is hoping to don the colours of the Crocs.

Sarawak FA had already listed 29 players for their team to date, and is looking to sign two more foreign players with strong rumours now saying that Ivan Babic and Muamer Salibasic as prime candidates.

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