Sarawak FA today hinted that they are in the midst of getting another import player.

The official page declined to name the player, but hinted that he was featured in the 2012/2013 team.

The hint provides a guessing game for many fans, but a local supporter Facebook page has uploaded the photo of Muamer Salibasic.

Salibasic joined Sarawak in 2013 and was influential in helping Sarawak win the Liga Premier that same season. Despite his departure from Sarawak in 2015, the Bosnian had been linked to Sarawak FA numerous times with fans even paying for his trial to re-join the team last season, only for it to end in controversy.

34-year old Salibasic however isn’t the only foreign import during 2012 – 2013.

Also in the list is Croatian striker Ivan Babic (34-years old) and midfielder Vedran Muratovic (36-years-old), and Cameroonian Guy Bwele (34-years-old).

According to our checks on WikiPedia, only Ivan Babic had active playing time in 2018 while the rest in the list had not seen professional action.  However, WikiPedia isn’t an accurate source for the players latest appearance and acts merely as a guide and reference.

It would be interesting to see who Sarawak FA intends to sign as the second foreign player tomorrow after they confirmed Ronald Hikspoors as the first.

Will fan favourite Salibasic make a return?


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