Robert Alberts has revealed that Ducth striker Ronald Hikspoors, who came to trial with the Crocs last year was leading the list of possible strikers to replace Muamer Salibasic whom is still nursing a serious injury.

Despite revealing that, Robert has also commented that he is still weighing on the decision as he would prefer to retain Muamer, whom he regard as a ‘quality striker’.

Ronald previously played for PSV when he was a teenager, but has since failed to impress any club since his trial with the Crocs. The 25-year old striker is club-less at the moment, and had stints in the Czech League prior to this.

According to the New Sarawak Tribune, it was also learned that Sarawak FA is also interested to sign New Zealand national striker Chris Wood, with another striker from Morroco also eyeing the foreign import slot.

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