Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) Presiden Posa Majeis, has confirmed that Sarawak FA had signed three foreign players up to now.

The players signed are Bosnian Muamer Salibasic, Indonesian Rian Nugraha Yukandi and Dutchman Ronald Hikspoors.

The news was reported by Utusan Borneo.

Details on thier contract remain unknown,but it is believed that all three players are signed on a one year deal.

Both Salibasic and Hikspoors needs no introduction to Sarawak football fans with Salibasic playing up-front, and Hikspoors being able to play in numerous positions.

Rian on the other hand is a promising midfielder who used to be attached to a Pontianak based team.

Both Rian and Hikspoors had been in Kuching since December, while Salibasic was asked to fly in with a promise of a place in the team.

Sarawak is preparing for the 2019 season, but was recently declared by the Malaysia Football League as one of the two teams that failed to register enough players for their team when the dateline for the first phase of registration ended.

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