Jalil Ramli’s Sarawak FA U21 team managed to steal one point when playing Kelantan FA U21.

The match ended with a scoreless draw, with Jalil commenting that “the match was always expected to be difficult.”

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According to the experience head coach, his boys played commendably and gave little opening to their opposition to play.

He alsom commended Abang Nurarfirman for doing his job as captain and defender well.

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Jalil also praised both the defenses and midfielders of his side, but said that the attacking players needs to improve when the team plays Terengganu FC III this coming 11th March.

He noted that the strikers missed opportunities and this needs to improved in the coming game.

Thanks to the draw, Sarawak FA B is now eight in Group B of the Piala Presiden with five points, four points away from the leader Terengganu City III.