Former national player and football pundit Serbegeth Singh (popularly known as Shebby Singh) was quoted by local daily Berita Harian as saying that the individual who selected the coach should also be the one ‘rested’.

In the report, Shebby said that teams should not act hastily in removing a coach as it involves cost.

Shebby also said that the management of a team should have made proper planning when appointing a coach so that he can hit the target which is given to him.

According to Shebby “removing a coach and appointing a new one involves a lot of funds, hence the need of teams to understand it”.

He added on by saying that “the person who appoints the coach should also be ‘rested’ as they need to be responsible.”

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He continued on to say that the act of always removing a coach to improve results can lead to the teams having debt.

He was commenting on Sarawak FA’s decision to ‘rest’ both their head coach Anai Igang and his assistant David Usop after just five matches.

The announcement about the future of the duo with Sarawak was made by Posa Majeis right after the 4-0 defeat to UKM FC.