The Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) has yet to announce the new head coach of Sarawak FA following the ‘resting’ of Anai Igang and David Usop.

However today, the official page of Sarawak FA had uploaded photos of the training session of the team.

In the photos, Denny Da’ail with former Sarawak FA player Ronald Hikspoors, is seen taking over training.

It is understood that the duo is only a temporary solution to the situation at Stadium Negeri which now sees the main team of Sarawak FA having no head and assistant coach.

It is however not known if Denny and Hikspoors would get the job on a permanent basis as FAS is planning a meeting to select a new head coach.

FAS has time to appoint a new head coach as their next match is not until April following the Perlis being removed from the Liga Premier.

Sarawak is scheduled to meet PDRM FA for a Piala FA fixture on 2nd April.


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