The Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) has confirmed Ian Gillan as their new head coach and technical director for the coming season, confirming the information relayed to us by our sources about the deal.

In an article published by SarawakVoice, FAS President Dato Posa Majais said that Ian had already signed a two year deal with the Crocs and that he would take over from Pengiran Bala who is now the head coach of Sarawak FA.

Ian’s double role would also see him take over Wahet Uji’s role as the team’s technical director.

Ian has vast knowledge on football and has had stints with Penrith Napean United, and Perth Glory FC in Australia, before he joined Kedah FA, and earlier this year Ilocos United FC in the Phillippines.

Rumours of his appointment shocked loyal fans as the FAS had said that they are currently short of funds and are likely to appoint a local to take care of the team next season.


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