The Crocs are starting their pre-season preparations earlier than expected with the first training session scheduled tomorrow at 4PM.

According to what we were informed, the training session would see Ian Gillan taking charge of the Crocs for the first time since he signed a two year deal with the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS).

All eyes now will indeed will focused on Ian as he tries to steer the Crocs back into being a football heavyweight like in the 90’s.

While FAS has previously complained they are lacking in funds, the appointment of a foreign coach, namely Ian has somewhat made such issue irrelevant, hence opening a possibility that FAS may back down on their intentions to go all local in the coming season.

This therefore would likely see the Crocs scouting for new foreign imports for the coming season, hence making the coming season more interesting to follow.

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  1. Mulakan episode bru utk season bru dgn cerita bru jgn ingat cerita lama yg lalu biar berlalu utk season bru tahun baharu nanti Sarawak mesti bangkit hebat player mesti perform 200% kat padang Sarawak mesti kembali ke liga super ayuh ngap sayot go

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