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Well known politician linked to FAS presidency

Word on the street is that a new name is now linked to the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) President’s post.

According to what we know, Posa Majais is set to resign by the end of the month, and a popular politician has been highly linked with the post.

It is understood that this candidate has the backing of some influential individuals, but it is an open game to if he can secure enough votes to get elected in the coming FAS Annual General Meeting.

There is also rumours that some fans are not to keen to have a politically linked individual heading FAS, which throws the possible vacancy back towards three current candidates, namely Abang Suhordie, Abang Zulkarnain and Rahman Lariwoo.

In case you missed it, Posa Majais had previously said that he will resign as President of FAS when the association calls for an AGM.

An AGM has since been set for 28 January with Posa expected to relinquish his post then to make way for fresh faces to lead Sarawak football.

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