The Crocs today launched their new kits for the coming season, featuring bold changes to what used to be the traditional black and red stripes for the home kit.

This season, the Crocs would spark a ‘reddish’ kit with small light zig zag hoops mimicking slightly the Denmark 2014 World Cup kit design by Adidas for their home kit. The kit also adds yellow stripes on the end of each collar and the neck to give it a ‘Sarawak feel’.
Sarawak kit 3
The away kit this time around would be neon yellow with a thin red and black line drawn straight from the collar to the down of the front of the jersey.
Sarawak kit 2
Sarawak’s third kit comes in complete black, with the Crocs featuring a tribal design on their jersey for the very first time. Our rep at the event commented that the design is a great tribute to the tribal design from Sarawak.
Sarawak kit 1
The goalkeeper’s kit also stole the limelight of the new kit presentation as it featured some very impressive designs. The keeper’s kit came in white and blue.
Sarawak kit GK 3
All the kits feature Sarawak’s new main sponsor Marina Parkcity, Sacofa and Ta Ann on the front of the jersey with the back showing off sponsor Shin Yang and Ibraco.
Sarawak Kit 2016 212
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