Some 42 hopefuls turn up at Stadium Negeri yesterday to vie for a spot in Pengiran Bala’s 2019 Sarawak FA team.

According to a post by the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS), former Sarawak FA midfielder, Joseph Kalang Tie was also present during the selection with his son, Ken.

It was not mentioned whether JKT participated in the closed selection conducted by Bala, but it does seem very likely the star midfielder would be drafted into the Sarawak 2019 side shall he agree to return.

UPDATED INFORMATION @8:29AM, 22 Nov 2018:Β “We were informed by Came Cameron that JKT didn’t participate in the selection and had only attended the session for less than 10 minutes.”

Also in the selection are former players Dalgish Papin Test, Peter Frank and Abdul Rahim.

According to Sarawak FA team adviser Awang Mahyan Awang Mohamed, more players are expected to come during the second selection this 26th November with some 80 players listed to attend the closed trials held this time around.

The Crocs decided to do a complete overhaul for the coming season after a dismal season in 2018.

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  1. Dia sekarang tengah bercuti..datang utk ngabas kawan2 lama jak…xda nya nak paloi balit main ngan fas gik..kecuali mun dah xda langsung team lain nak ambik nya…mgkin lah…

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