The Executive Officer for the Professional Footballers Association of Malaysia (PFAM) Isham Ismail wants the Football Association of Malaysia (FAM) to take immediate action towards teams that still owe their players money.

According to an article by BERNAMA, Izham said that it was FAM’s Discipline Board failure that had caused many players to come up to PFAM over unpaid dues.

Izham added that PFAM had brought the issue up to the FAM Status Committee, but only the FAM Discipline Board can take action against these teams.

He said that that PFAM had already taken action according to the correct procedures but the affected teams had not bothered to do anything to solve the problem.

Izham further added that some teams effected by the issue had already begun preparations for the new season despite owing money to their players.

These teams Izham said, had not taken the matter seriously desite written warnings even by FAM themselves.

Therefore, Izham hoped that FAM would take stern action against these teams soon.


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