Former Sarawak player, Rashid Aya is rumored be on the verge of being signed back with the Crocs after he left the team last season.

The Johor born player is only 23 year old, and he plays up-front, with the ability of being placed as a midfielder shall requested.

Rashid scored two goals when he was with Sarawak in the Super League in 2012, but soon found himself returning to his home state Johor to play for Johor FA.

On another note, second choice goalkeeper Saiful Amar Sudar seems likely to be dropped by the Crocs with Robert Alberts testing out new goalkeepers. Saiful, which has had a handful number of appearance this season is rumoured to not have his contract extended for next season.

Nonetheless, first choice goalkeeper Sani Anuar has already confirmed he will be staying with the Crocs as he signed a new deal with the Borneo side before the season ended.

Photo courtesy of The Borneo Post

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