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Rashid Aya goes to Felda United claims Daily

A local English Daily claims that Rashid Aya would be leaving the Crocs for Felda United next season.

The Johor born striker didn’t respond to our inquiry early this month when we contacted him about the transfer rumours, but rumours have been high that he would not be with the Crocs next season following an outstanding season at Stadium Negeri.

Rashid previously played with the Crocs in 2012, but left for Johor a year later following a bid by his home team.

With Johor, the striker failed to shine after he incurred an injury, and was later signed once more by Robert Alberts for 2014, in which he got back his form and became one of Robert’s main players through the 2014 season.

Aside from Rashid, S Chanturu and Junior Eldstal have also been said to have agreed to depart the Crocs for next season.

Source: New Sarawak Tribune

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