Football Malaysia Limited Liability partnership (FMLLP) Kevin Ramalinggam has made it clear that the decision not to award Felda United a place in the Liga Super next season was due to licensing issues.

Felda which failed to obtain a football club license saw itself demoted to the Liga Premier next season.

According to Kevin, FMLLP had already gave an indication that they would get tough on football teams that fail to meet the Liga Malaysia requirements last season, and the transfer restrictions and point deductions made on several teams were an indication they wanted teams to take the Liga Malaysia seriously.

Kevin added that the latest move to demote teams without a football license from the Liga Super is FMLLP’s latest indication that they really want teams to take the league regulations and sanctions seriously.

He also added that the football club license is not permanent, and every team would need to resubmit documents for a new license in July 2018.





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