The Crocs were not even considered for a slot in the Liga Super next season following two main reason.  This was made clear by CEO of the Football Malaysia Limited Liability Limited (FMLLP), Kevin Ramalingam in his latest press conference.

According to Kevin, Sarawak FA, alongside with Pulau Pinang FA were not considered for the vacant spot in the Liga Super due to ‘sporting merit’, as he further explained that sporting merit means that the Crocs failed to obtain enough points in the Liga Super, and hence need to be relegated.

Being unable to obtain a football club license was the reason why Sarawak FA was relegated, hence making it near to impossible for the Crocs to play in the Liga Super next season after FMLLP decided to penalized and demote teams from the Liga Super which failed to obtain the license.

With the two reasons, the Crocs are now starting their training and preparations to play in the Liga Premier next season, and hope to regain back their spot in the Liga Super in 2019.



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