The Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) hopes to play in the Liga Super next season has finally ended following FMLLP’s decision to not even allow relegated teams from the Liga Super this season to play in a play-off to fight for the remaining two slots available following the departure of Felda United and T-Team FC.

T-Team which will be re-branded as a feeder club to Terengganu FA next season, asked to be demoted to the second division Liga Premier, while Felda United was made an example by FMLLP for failing to obtain the football club license required to compete in the Liga Super.

FAS had been very hopeful that the Crocs would be able to sneak back into the Liga Super after finishing 11th out of 12 teams in the league, hoping that FMLLP would consider a play-off match to fill in the void left by the two out going teams.

The association even met with the President of FAM, Tunku Ismail recently to submit documents with hope that the Crocs would be able to play their trade in the Liga Super next season.

This final effort was after the Crocs made it clear that they are appealing for their football license, and are hoping FMLLP would consider the Crocs as a replacement of T-Team FC.

However today, the announcement made by CEO of FMLLP, Kevin Ramalinggam today had dashed any hope of the FAS to see the Crocs playing in the top league.



  1. Ba kitak…uji ari suba ngatur manah2 sampai mujur..enda kah nymai dah diatu…tu udah ka birak baru ka ngadu jamban…birak dlm tancut jak nehhh…nymai asai

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