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SarawakCrocs Tribal Jersey 2019 – The best one yet!

As usual, we will be selling our unique SarawakCrocs Tribal Jersey this year to collect funds for our website operations.

Every profit goes to running our website so that we can continue to provide Sarawak football updates to you, our amazing readers.

This year, we decided to return our jersey colour to red as there was huge request from our followers.


As usual, we wanted our jersey to be unique yet at the same time being very close to our heart and Sarawak. We also wanted to have the tribal design because there’s no point to call it ‘a tribal jersey’ if there’s no tribal design.

From day one of making this jersey, we wanted to have this tradition which includes our tribal Sarawak roots, and our three main colours: RED, BLACK and WHITE.

That said, we opted to play with colours and patterns to find a design that not only looks good to wear as a fashion statement, but also show great pride of being a Sarawakian.

After much redesigns, the design below was made final.

The Dayak design wraps the jersey on the left like how we love our heritage in Sarawak, but the sleeve offers a contrast that shows we are not afraid to make changes when needed to adapt.

The gradient change from black to red gave the jersey a premium look, and that one lined tribal sleeve would look really nice for those always wanting a one line tattoo on their arm.

As for the collar, we opted for something different that we thought would give you the illusion of something special and different.


As football fans, we understand that we would not be here if it was not for you guys.

While we do admit that we are trying to make some money to help us continue our website (pay for the servers and stuff), we don’t want to over charge you.

That said, we decided to reduce our jersey prices to RM60 per jersey instead of RM70 previously. We hope this new price would fit you well to own one of our designs.

Older designs remain at RM70, but we have discontinued producing them to make the SarawakCrocs Tribal Jerseys exclusive to our supporters every year. If you miss the pre-orders, you have to hope there’s leftovers or you’d have to wait for the new design.


Not everyone is tech savvy and knows how to use online shops. So if you don’t know how to buy at www.TheKedey.com, the contact them on whatsapp to grab yours.

If you do buy online, you can pay with Boost, credit cards and also local Malaysian banks. Else, get in touch with +60135693485 (DON), +60128086262 (KIM) or +60168756183 (RIL) to get your order.

Pre-orders for the first batch end on 3 February, and second (final pre-orders) will only begin on 1st March 2019.

That said, hurry!