Sarawak FA is rumoured to be set for a friendly match against Persebaya Surabaya this coming Sunday with our sources confirming the friendly game in Stadium Gelora Bung Tomo in Surabaya.

News on the friendly match has been the talk of Persebaya fans as early as last Saturday with Persebaya fans tagging us on twitter with details and several fans confirming the duel.

Sarawak FA has yet to confirm the friendly, but posters of the match, scheduled on 18 March at 15:30hours is already circulating social media.

We will be watching on the development of this possible friendly match as the Crocs would not see action in the Liga Premier until 30 March.

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  1. Daripada rilek nunggu liga disambung semula,bagus agik kita buat freindly dgn team luar,dapat tauk mana kelemahan team sarawak selepas mengharungi 5 game liga,

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