In a shocking move, PJ Rangers Football Club has decided to withdraw from the Liga FAM for next season.

The announcement was made on their official Facebook page.

SarawakCrocs Fantasy Premier League 2019/20

According to the announcement, PJ Rangers will however focus on the Selangor Super League (FAS League) for next season.

PJ Rangers didn’t specify what will happen to their current players, but said “PJ Rangers will also continue to field a team in the FAS Super League for the 2019 season, a lineup consisting of mostly AirAsia Allstars.

Several young Sarawakian players are playing with the Rangers including Tommy Mawat, Nur Shamie Iszuan and Shreen Tambi.  Also with the team is former Sarawak FA captain, Ronny Harun.

Anyway, from where we are seating, it seems that PJ Rangers had decided to properly develop their football foundation before aiming higher as they also said that they are “committed continue their grassroots football next year, with six squads (U-8 boys, U-10 boys, U-12 boys, U-14 boys, U-16 boys and U-16 girls) playing in the AirAsia KL Junior League.

Personally, we have a soft spot for PJ Rangers as we feel that there is a lot other better funded teams that can learn a thing or two from the Rangers especially in terms of developing community football.

Anyway, we hope to see PJ Rangers back again in the Liga FAM league one day, and we don’t think it would be that long before it does happen.



  1. Diharap pihak Fas Official Sarawak Fa dapat membawa balik syamie iszuan, tommy mawat, shreen tambi dan rodney celvin utk mewakili sarawak utk musim 2019. Mereka merupakan pemain muda berbakat y sarawak ada. Jgn lupa jKt utk membimbing pemain muda. Dengan bakat mereka saya yakin sarawak akan cemerlang musim depan.

  2. Bila team utama swk buat persiapan utk 2019? Sampai skg sida fas swk senyap aja. Kebanyakkan team liga dimalaysia dah membuat persiapkan team mereka utk team mereka. Kenapa team swk selalu buat persiapan saat akhir tiap tahun. Sbd itu team swk selalu gagal tiap tahun dlm liga. Krn gagal cari permain yg bermutu. Krn buat kerja saat akhir. Cari permain, terutama permain import.

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