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OlaBola now showing on Astro First for RM15.90

Those who missed OlaBola on the silver screen can now watch the movie on Astro First (Ch. 480). With just RM15.90 for 48 hours, Astro customers are able to enjoy this uplifting fiction about Malaysians – playing together to beat the odds, at the comfort of their homes.

OlaBola joins Astro First’s extensive lineup in delivering the best of local movies at the earliest window after cinematic release. Undoubtedly a movie that won the hearts of Malaysians, OlaBola grossed RM16.5 million at the local box office, and will be made available to Astro’s 4.8 million TV households nationwide.

Since its cinema release, the movie has received rave reviews from critics and cinemagoers on its high quality production, brilliant cinematography and incredible film score. Astro is pleased to enable this critically acclaimed movie to resonate with more Malaysians especially those who are unable to have easy access to a cinema near them.

Directed by award-winning filmmaker Chiu Keng Guan, Astro Shaw’s OlaBola is a fictional film about a multicultural team of footballers who have to overcome their personal issues and friction within the team for a chance at international success. Packed with action, emotion and inspiration, this movie is a celebration of the glorious days when the entire nation stood as one behind our national team.

Customers can purchase Astro First movies via SMS on Ch. 480 and online via www.astrofirstbest.com at RM15.90 per movie for 48-hours upon purchase. Customers can also choose to purchase Astro Best and Astro First movies via OD Store for connected Astro PVRs.

For more information about the movie and to purchase, visit: www.astrofirstbest.com.