A superb effort by Sarawak football ultra group Gallore Buceros has caught the nation with surprise after they held high and wide a gigantic banner trolling private cable TV station Astro over their lack of coverage of the Sarawak FA.

The banner was displayed clearly at Stadium Negeri Sarawak stands as the national and state anthem played, depicting the words “No Live? No Problem” in front of ASTRO’s sports arm, Arena colours as the background.

With social media enthusiast spreading images of the banner on their accounts, the news soon became viral and caught the attention of ASTRO whom almost immediate responded through their Facebook page by seeking patience and understanding from the Sarawak fans.

Loud and clear from the Sarawak fans.
Loud and clear from the Sarawak fans.

The message which was in Bahasa Melayu Sarawak also said that “the tight timetable of the Malaysian football calender has disabled ASTRO from showing any live games for Sarawak, and there was no elements of racism or favoritism in selection of league games for live telecast”.

The Crocs fans however found the statement hard to digest as many seem to be in chorus by saying that Singapore’s Lions XII enjoys near perfect coverage by ASTRO, where as a significant event such as Sarawak winning the championship after over 15 years without anything, was left sidelined.

With Sarawak entering the Malaysia Cup after Hari Raya, it would be interesting to see how ASTRO will address its consumers in Sarawak which they have, on many accounts, deemed as ‘an important market’.


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