Despite playing in the Liga M3, things are certainly looking so much professional in the Kuching FA camp.

Their latest venture is a teaser of the new jersey for 2019 which will bear the colours of green and white.

White and green are the official colours of Kuching FA.

As the teaser showed, the new 2019 jersey of Kuching FA will also bear the logo of LSC, making it highly possible that the team had decided to use StarSports as their main jersey this season.

The away kit of Kuching FA

Looking closer at the teaser, it is also likely that the home jersey would also have stripes and be rather simple, which is according to today’s’ jersey trend.

The away jersey seems to have a large coverage of white with some splashes of red.

To see more of the jersey, or teasers of it, check out the video below.

The jersey will be revealed on 12 February 2019.

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