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Kuching City wants to play in Liga Super on merit

Liga Premier side Kuching City continued their fine run in the league after they defeated Selangor’s reserved team last night.

The winning goal was scored by veteran defender, Rames Lai in the 25th minute.

In the post-match commentary, Kuching City head coach, Irfan Bakti said that Selangor played a lot of main players, and he was happy that his team managed to contain them and win.

He continued on to note that his team showed discipline and is doing well to enter the Liga Super next season on merit.

Irfan further stressed that Kuching City doesn’t want to just enter the Liga Super due to the changes next season, but wants to qualify for the top football league in Malaysia on performance merit.

“Selangor played a lot of their main players and my boys showed discipline to defend and eventually secure three points” Irfan said during the post-match interview.

“We are on the way to the Liga Super through merit. We don’t want to just enter the league without having the quality. We really want to enter the Liga Super with merit.” Irfan added.

Kuching City is currently fourth in the standings of the Liga Premier and will join the Liga Super next season after the Malaysia Football League announced changes to the structure of the Liga Malaysia.

Regardless, if the structure of the league was not altered next season, Kuching City still stands a good chance to gain promotion if their performance is to remain constistant.

This is because they are currently second in the standing of non-reserve teams in the Liga Premier, which makes them eligible to gain promotion automatically next season if the continue to hold onto their position. Reserve teams are not eligible for promotion in the Liga Malaysia.