A poll by SarawakCrocs.com on twitter a few days ago revealed that football fans are not quite sure about their respective football clubs ‘selling their souls’ to get more sponsorship.

In the poll which was answered by some 105 twitter followers who are mostly football fans, 52 percent disagreed that a football team should change their official colours, name and identity based on the sponsor they are receiving.

Among the popular feedback we obtained from fans was that sponsors who love the team and decide to help the team which is cash strapped should come in without terms that change its identity.

Nonetheless, some 48 percent of those answering the poll have admitted they wouldn’t mind the identity change with the most popular feedback saying that they understood it was a marketing decision for the sponsor and that they (the sponsor) would want to get a good return of investment (ROI).

The issue of changing the traditions of a club came to light after Kelantan Football Association agreed to paint their stadium and change their official colours to pink following the sponsorship of cosmetic house Vida Beauty.

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