The Football Malaysia Limited Liability Partnership (FMLLP) today told newspaper Berita Harian that Sarawak FA, like another four teams ineligible to play in the Liga Super next season, would likely be given a temporary license while the resolve outstanding issues required to obtain the license.

Sarawak FA had last Sunday confirmed they were not able to obtain the football club license required to play in the Liga Super, prompting the management to ring warnings that Sarawak FA may not be able to play in the Malaysia League in 2018.

CEO of FMLLP, Kevin Ramalingam confirmed that all five teams without a football license have until 16 October to settle their documentation for the football club license.

He also added that there is also a possibility that those who still fail to do so will be given a temporary license to play in the Liga Super.

The current General Secretary Razali Dolhan in the same report confirmed that the management of Sarawak FA is working on things, and that the Sarawak FA is not interested to lose their position in the Liga Super due to a technicality such as the club license.

Razali further added that there was also no question about rumours of the Crocs withdrawing from the competition. –



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