The 2014 new kit for Sarawak FA has been leaked by football blog ‘Shoot Sampei Bisak Net Tiang Gol Ya’.

Although not yet confirmed, the leak looks legitimate with the Crocs most probably retaining their black and red stripes for home games in the coming season, with white shorts as they have used this year. The new home kit also reintroduces the classic round neck, and would still be using the brand ‘StarSports’.

The away kit resembles the current kit, with the kit retaining it’s v-neck design. Like the home jersey, there is a an introduction of colour tone, with the lower side of the jersey looking less contrasting in colour.

There is however a massive overhaul for Sarawak’s third kit, which is not a complete yellow jersey, with red shorts being paired together, and a collar included into the design.

The photo released by Shoot Sampei Bisak Net Tiang Gol Ya also revealed the name ‘Sarawak Energy’ printed on the front of the jersey, hence making it even more likelier that the Sarawak power giant will come in to sponsor the Crocs as said earlier.

Photo courtesy of Shoot Sampei Bisak Net Tiang Gol Ya

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