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Why is a logo so important?

Greetings to Sarawak football fans.

It has been a while since my last piece and this time around i am triggered to write.

MFL uploaded a video during the launching of Malaysia League 2020. The new logo for Sarawak United FC were shown in the video.

It has received mixed reactions from the fans based on the comments in SarawakCrocs posting.

The new Sarawak United FC (SUFC) club logo looked almost the same as Sarawak FA logo previously.

As a fan, when i heard Sarawak FA taking over Selangor United I was hoping to see a new logo that is totally new and fresh. I was genuinely disappointed with what i saw (Sorry FAS).

It’s just a logo, some said. Let me enlighten all of us WHY a club logo is very important.


“Three Lions”, “Allez les blues” and “Demi lencana di dada”. These chants are coming from their logo on the jersey. Not only printed on merchandise or just to appear in the table. It is an identity for the players and fans. It gives them a sense of belonging and can triggered powerful emotions.


A nicely designed club logo shows that you are committed and professional. Even if the team is in the lower leagues, a good club logo will intimidate teams and they wont take you lightly.


Think about a brand that is really famous or a brand that you like. I bet you can recognize their logo effortlessly. A logo is a marketing tool for the team. It will help the team standout from the crowd and easily recognized.

With those points above, I hope it makes sense to the management why the fans are not happy with the logo.

Until the next article,

NOTE: This article is the opinion of the writer and not the official opinion of SarawakCrocs.