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Time to change coach says fans

The calls for Robert Alberts, Sarawak’s head coach to be rested (or fired) are growing louder among fans after the Crocs fell to Lions XII yesterday in the Super League match played at Jalan Besar. The Crocs are now keenly battling relegation with difficult fixtures ahead.

Our Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sarawakcrocs) and our twitter account (@SarawakCrocs), both popular social media sites about Sarawak football, have been receiving a lot of request that Robert Alberts be relieved of his duties at Stadium Negeri, with fans saying the head coach has not done enough to change the fortunes of the club despite his assurance that his new signings would do so.

Among the popular reasons given by Sarawak football fans for their request was the fact that they felt Robert was out of ideas when it came to tactical decisions with some saying his game play was easy to read. Aside from that, fans also said that Robert had failed to sign capable replacements when a bulk of his best players left for other clubs this season, with fans also showing their unhappiness over the lack of movement during the April transfer window which could have been used to strengthen the team.

The fitness of both Muamer Salibasic and Gabor Gyepes, both great players in the eyes of the Crocs fans had also played part in fans wanting a change in Sarawak. Based on SarawakCrocs.com’s observation, fans are keen to have both players re-signed when they knew both players are back into fitness, but Robert’s insistence to not sign back players he had dropped caused fans to be furious, especially with Ryan Griffith also under immerse pressure to start scoring more goals.

The ‘sacking’ of JDT’s head coach Bojan Hodak further aggravates Robert’s situation at Stadium Negeri as fans somewhat feel that Bojan could do a better job at Stadium Negeri, now that he is unemployed.

Regardless of the calls by fans, the ball is now in the management of Sarawak’s hands as they will need to decide if they should start pushing the panic button, or continue to trust in Robert as their head coach.

Regardless of their decision, the fans voice is getting louder and another string of defeats would most likely translate into fans taking things from social media to the stands, with SarawakCrocs.com expecting them to pile pressure on the management by through posters and banners during home games.