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Sarawak’s under-fire strikers!

Sarawak fans didn’t mince their words when they gave massive negative feedbacks towards Sarawak’s newly signed Strikers, Aliredza Abbasfard and Milorad Janjus after Sarawak fell 0-1 to Kelantan at Stadium Negeri last night.

Comments on social media, facebook and twitter in particular, have not been favourable towards the duo, with the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) also dragged into the heated discussions in regards to Sarawak’s narrow defeat, their second in the Super League, last night.

Impatient fans are already calling for FAS to look for new strikers when the transfer window opens, while some have requested that Sarawak head coach Robert Alberts play Akmal Rizal and Zamri Morshidi instead of the duo.

Some supporters have also said that the money spent on both Aliredza and Milorad could be better spent on retaining Bobby Gonzales which was Sarawak’s top striker last year.

To add salt to the wound, both Aliredza and Milorad obtained poor ratings from Astro Arena commentators with Aliredza being said to be a weak player, and Milorad himself was remarked as “seems like a poor striker and he was performing below expectations and probably had no quality”.

It is hoped that both strikers would come up to silent their critics when Sarawak play against emerging club side Sime Darby FC next Tuesday.

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  1. What a massive blow to Sarawak this season. We are left with no point wherelse we are playing two Super League game at homeground at this early stage of the season. Curious about something as to how the two strikers except the good choice defender was evaluated. These two striker Aliredza and Janjus has no basic control skill, no technique of ball heading, no running ability, no tackling technique, no passing ability, no sense of urgency, no will power, no body contact, no jumping ability, no team spirit and no no no….as it was televised live on Astro Arena where million evaluate our team, it is ashamed to show how our team performed this year as compared to previous year. When Astro Arena commentators gave bad evaluation on the performance of this two highly rated striker by FAS, by saying they are weak and poor striker with no quality, only pride on their height, it is better to revoke their contract before we the fans left the stadium empty. To all fans of Sarawak out there we can labelled them as “FACEBOOK TWIN STRIKERS”. Local palyer shows how ball control be played and to compare those two…it is disgusted…..so FAS, to keep fan cheering you need to revamp the striking force since the defenders and wide players have shown their true guts. Needs to beef up of shift out……before it is too late. We the fan will pay ticket as you FAS required, we have shown our utmost support without hesitation the previous night ..but if this is the show you want us to see, with no point gain as to date, it is not too late for FAS to act….FAS needs to ask other coaches in Malaysia Super League or Premier League or read fan views to get their opinion, they will tell you how poor those two performed ….pity for the other players who have worked so hard to be demoralised by these sort of “Striking Force”. Go back to basic and get back Guy Bwele to lift up the midfield.

  2. A good game played by Sarawak Team last Saturday,but the under perfomance of the strikers especially Alireza Abbasfard had retarded Sarawak’s true strike force. As a fan, I expected more from these player to boost Sarawak’s striking performance when facing strong opponent like Kelantan,but instead it is the substitute,Akmal Rizal who showed his prowess in front of goal trying to beat Kelantan’s goalkeeper, Khairul Fahmi last week. Why can’t we put Akmal and Zamri Morshidi as the main strikers instead of those imported players??? Judging from Sarawak’s play style that focusing on speed in counter-attacking, I think Akmal and Zamri can cope very well with it as they can run fast and have good control with the ball. As for the midfield and defence, Each player showed their best performance last week, good job!!! Lastly, I hope that The Coach, Robert Alberts can overcome these problem if we want to stay long in Malaysian Super League and at the same time making Sarawak as one of the top forces in MSL, or even in Asia. ENCANG SARAWAK ENCANG!!! ENCANG SAMPEI CHAMPION!!! Tq…

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