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Rajagobal rings warning again after latest defeat

K Rajagobal has hinted swift changes to the current team set up if players, more particularly import ones, do not start helping the team produce the desired results.

The experienced head coach said that all the current Sarawak players are given another two to three matches to prove they deserve a place in the team, or he would do the inevitable, which is to drop them from the squad when the transfer window opens this coming June.

Rajagobal said that such move is needed as Sarawak can’t afford to lose more games as they are now at risk of being relegated.

This is not the first time Rajagobal has hinted he will make major changes to the Crocs after he also did the same a few weeks ago following Sarawak’s dismal start in the Liga Super.

On the game against JDT last Wednesday, Rajagobal claimed that his defenders were didn’t show enough ‘metal’ when dealing with JDT’s attacks, hence resulting the Crocs to leak three goals in the span of seven minutes.

With Sarawak now bottom of the league, Rajagobal is expecting nothing other than a win against Pahang tomorrow to ensure the Crocs would still have a fighting chance to stay in the Liga Super next season.