The two Sarawak FA players involved in the match fixing scandal in Sarawak FA has been identified, and they have been remanded until the case is mentioned on 21 February.

Both players, hailing from Kuching, are not first choice regulars at the Sarawak FA and they are aged 28 and 30 years respectively.

The 30 year old player is a midfielder in the team, and has not seen first team action since the season started, while the 28 year old is a defender which usually comes in as a substitute.

Based on Wikipedia’s information, the 30 year old player just joined Sarawak FA in 2016, and the 28 year old defender has been ever present in the team.

Names of the players involved has already been circulating in social media, but we are not going to release their names here as the investigation is on-going.

The match fixing scandal hitting Sarawak FA made waves in the country after the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) made a press statement saying they are investigating such scandal.

This followed by several statements from FMLLP and later SPRM.

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