The media statement made by the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) claiming the Sarawak FA vs Felcra FC game was fixed has been condemned by a majority of Sarawak football supporters, especially those following the official Facebook page of FAS.

Based on our observations, the majority of fans regarded the media statement as an excuse to cover up problems in team, particularly the quality and weakness of the current team.

Some fans highlighted problems which were tied with unpaid salaries, said to be since October 2017, while many said that FAS needs to accept the fact that the team wasn’t good enough to earn the win, adding that the whole game was in fact poor.

FAS on Sunday said that they are investigating match fixing allegations made towards the team and that a committee has been appointed to lead an internal investigation over the issue.

Today, Utusan Borneo reported that FAS President, Dato Posa Majais himself believed that there were elements in match fixing in the said game, as he also told the Malay speaking paper that he found it hard to accept defeat in such way.

Reports have also emerged that a police report has also been made by some of Sarawak FA players over the allegations.

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