Close sources to us have revealed the up-coming Malaysia Cup schedule for the Crocs.

According to our source, Sarawak will start the their campaign away at Stadium Perak on August 20th, with the first home game being an important one with the Crocs entertaining Lions XII at home on August 24th.

Kedah comes three days later with an away match in Darul Aman Stadium, ending the first round of the group stages for the elusive Malaysia Cup.

On Merdeka Day, Sarawak is expected to play Kedah at Stadium Negeri, with a tough match awaiting them on Stadium Jalan Besar’s artificial pitch on September 18.

The group stages of the Malaysia Cup end for Sarawak with a home game in Perak.

A brief match schedule can be seen below:
20.8.2013: Perak vs Sarawak @ Stadium Perak, 8:45PM
24.8.2013: Sarawak vs Lions XII @ Stadium Negeri, 8:15PM
27.8.2013: Kedah vs Sarawak @ Stadium Darulaman, 8:45PM
31.8.2013: Sarawak vs Kedah @ Stadium Negeri, 8:15PM
18.9.2013: Lion XII vs Sarawak @ Stadium Jalan Besar, 8:45PM
21.9.2013: Sarawak vs Perak @ Stadium Negeri, 8:45PM

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