Kuching FA, the football team owned by the Kuching Division Football Association (KDFA), is one step closer to become Sarawak’s latest big football team if they managed to secure a place in the Liga Premier next season.

Currently, the team coached by Sharizan Sahari is in the quarter finals of the Liga FAM, and a good win against UKM FC on 19 September and 26 September would ensure they progress to the semi-finals of the competition.

While it is in fact still a long shot for Kuching FA players to dream of playing in the Liga Premier due to the fact that they still have the quarter finals to worry about, nothing seems impossible for this young side which is based in Petra Jaya.

Already breaking records since becoming the inaugural champions of the Liga Bolasepak Rakyat in 2016, Kuching FA challenged better funded teams in the Liga FAM to finish fourth in Group B of the competition, with 18 points, enabling them to advance to the quarter finals.

Defeats only came four times when they met Sime Darby FA, SAMB FC and PJ Rangers, all teams with better funding and facilities if compared to Kuching FA, a team which once made their pre-season preparations on the muddy football field of a local high school in Kuching.

Anyway, if things are done right, Kuching FA can look to some 500,000 Kuchinginites to back them as their very own local community based football club in the future because this is exactly where football in Malaysia, and Sarawak should be heading.

In fact, Kuching FA can be the greater team in Sarawak football, well surpassing the state-backed Sarawak FA if they start playing right and manage themselves right, because football fans in Sarawak are hungry for a local assembled team that can deliver, and Kuching FA might just be that team. – SarawakCrocs.com




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    • Susah juak mok madah mun boleh ikut cara sidak pahang pahang dolok FA kinet tok dah jadi Pahang football club tapi sidak sama kedak kita ada pasukan bandar dari negeri sarawak ada duak sarawak fa dgn kuching fa mun pahang ada pahang fc dgn kuantan fa.

  1. Jangan buat kptsn melulu. Hahahahaa intensiti, peak game n agulity game liga super n perdana jauh beza dr piala fam or LBR … apa yg team liga super Sarawak perlukan kinek tuk adalah.. local import berkualiti untuk membantu pemain muda .. tapi dgn bajet terhad.. disamping tnjuk ajar Coach Pengiran Bala.. dan sokongan pemain ke 12..

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