Kuching FA is eager to win their first Liga M3 match which will be played today against Ultimate FC.

The match will be played at Padang PULAPOL Kuala Lumpur and Kuching needs to win the full three points if they were to reach their goal to become champions of the league, giving them automatic promotion to the Liga Premier next season.

Kuching head coach Ideris Untong in an interview with Utusan Borneo said that all his players are well prepared for the match both mentally and physically.

He added that winning the match would give his side the much needed morale injection for their upcoming matches.

Ideris however warned that Ultimate aren’t pushovers and he hoped his players would make full use of the opportunities provided to score and win the match.

Kuching is the second team playing in the Liga M3 and is growing its fan base by the day.

The match today will start at 4:45PM.

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