FoxSport reported that players of Kuantan FA had made a police report over the teams failure to pay their salaries.

According to the news portal, they have waited two years for action to be taken but so far nothing had been done.  Those making the report are said to be from the 2017 team set-up.

Rizal Budiman, a former employee of Kuantan FA was quoted by the portal as saying that the management of Kuantan FA had chosen to keep mum over questions regarding salaries and this had cause anxiety and problems among those affected.

It was further reported by the portal that some 26 players and officials from Kuantan FA have not received their monthly salary ranging from RM2,000 until RM12,000 with the total debt expected to be over RM3 million.

Kuantan FA was eliminated from the Liga Malaysia in April after they failed to address issues which had cropped up.

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