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Kin Wei: “Sarawak State Stadium is like a giant dumping ground”

Padungan assemblyman Wong Kin Wei has taken the condition of the Sarawak State Stadium, which is also the home ground for Sarawak FA to the press, as local paper The Star reported.

According to the report by the paper, Kin Wei slammed the condition of the stadium for being ‘horrendous”, while saying that Pakatan Rakyat supporters were shocked by the conditions and the standard of the facilities.

The assemblyman was also quoted by the paper as saying that the stadium is like “a giant dumping ground with rubbish everywhere”, pointing out that he is dissappointed that sports development in the state is going in the wrong directions.
Stadium Negeri Sarawak
Meanwhile, on Sarawak Crocs Facebook page, the issue has been received with mixed reaction with Syaiffrie Syaiffuddin saying “While it’s good for him(Kin Wei) to bring the matter up, it would be better to see action instead of just talk.” He added that politicians should “walk the talk to gain respect“, as he pointed out that “the problem is not solved by just talking, and highlighting the issue during the DUN meeting would be better than playing the blame game.

Another fan, Hensley Macpherson said “Dah bertahun2 Sarawak main di stadium negeri, baru nektok daknya mbak their army sia??nmpk gilak mok cari point jak.” which in English means “Sarawak has been playing at that stadium for years, and it is interesting to know why they only choosing to bring their ‘army’ and highlight the issue now. It is too obvious they are looking for fault and discredit their opponents. Hensley added “pas isu stadium negeri settle, isu stadium sarawak gik dgn title berbunyi “STADIUM SARAWAK TERBIAR” (After the State Stadium issue is settled, they will bring up the Sarawak Stadium with headlines saying the ‘Sarawak Stadium is a white elephant’). Hensley also finished his comment with “anyway, jgn ckp kosong..” (Don’t talk only”).

Kerol Ale Nazlee was also unpleased with the comments by Kin Wei when he typed “Yb pande nganok org jak. Tapi dikpun xda merik apa2 sumbangan pun.” (YBs know how to find fault in people only, but never seem to give anything to help the situation).

It would be interesting to see what will transpire from this issue, with some fans already asking for the Crocs to move to the new stadium with promotion to the Super League looking assured next season.

However, some ardent fans argue that the smaller sized State Stadium is better due to its proximity with the field (which allows better fan-player interaction), and the ‘good luck’ charm it brings.

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