The Sarawak government is looking at writing off any debt owed by the Football Association of Sarawak (FAS) related to stadium rental.

According to a post by the Official Sarawak FA page, FAS would be given full monetary and facilities support by the Sarawak government.

This announcement was made by Sarawak Sports Minister Abdul Karim.

The post by the official page

According to the post, Abdul Karim was quoted as saying that the Sarawak Government would help FAS write-off all long standing debts related to stadium rental adding that FAS represents Sarawak and shouldn’t be paying for rental for use of the stadium and its facilities.

FAS does not own any stadium and rents all stadiums from the Stadium Cooperation.

FAS had on numerous times last season complained about their lack of funding for the team, and it is likely that Abdul Karim’s announcement would be a sigh of relief for the management.

Aside from likely having their rental debts written off, Abdul Karim had also informed that the Sarawak government is considering the RM4 million additional grant requested by FAS for this season.

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