Our ever reliable ‘Mr Kopi’ has revealed that Junior Eldstal is now on Johor Darul Takzim’s (JDT) radar with the team known also as the Southern Tigers ready to splash out as much as RM70,000 per month on wages for the tireless midfielder who currently plays for Sarawak FA.

According to Mr Kopi, Bojan Hodak which is now JDT’s new head coach is also very keen to sign the Sabahan player to bolster his midfield for next season.


The news does not come as a surprise as JDT has deep pockets, and has been fishing numerous national players since they re-branded. Aside from that, JDT is already preparing for the coming season with the 2014 season coming to an end very soon.

Early this year, Junior was also linked to JDT, but the interest by JDT was quashed by JDT formally denying the rumor which was said to be started by an online news portal.

We will try to get Junior’s response on this issue.


  1. I hope Junior will stay. Please stay Junior, please stay. I as a Sarawakian am proud of my state’s team because the players n all the staffs including coach Alberts have worked very hard for the team. I believe a player deserves a chance to move if its the best for the player after much thought and consideration, also for each club. But I as a Sarawakian, will hope all the players and also Junior will stay with Sarawak FA. At least for another couple more seasons for Sarawak FA to win a silverware and to prove that the Sarawak FA can win no matter what the odds! Im proud of all our players, coach, coaching staff and also all the other staffs in the Sarawak FA in which without their contribution, the Sarawak FA would not be where it is today. Also to our Fanbase GB13! Which is absolutely astounding and breathtaking in each games especially homes games. The atmosphere is world class with an asian touch and culture. God bless the Sarawak FA team today and in the days to come.

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