Muamer Salibasic is be back in Kuching to join the Crocs. More pages are posting photos of him in Kuching and some fans have even welcomed him back.

While it is not confirmed yet that Salibasic would sign for Sarawak FA, it’s an open secret that Salibasic’s heart has been with Sarawak since he joined the club back in 2013.

The Bosnian, known for his menacing runs and powerful shots, is a fan favourite and would likely bring the crowd back to Stadium Negeri this season.

Fans have been rather vocal about Sarawak’s dismissal of the striker back in 2015, and had never stopped hounding Sarawak to sign Salibasic on a yearly basis since then.

Salibasic himself had tried to rejoin Sarawak a few times but wasn’t a top pick by previous head coaches.

This time around however, Farhan Abdullah isn’t only the new coach for Sarawak. He was the assistant to Robert Alberts when the later was head coach of the winning 2013 side which featured Salibasic. Farhan as we know, was a key tactician behind Roberts when the Dutchman was in charge.

On top of that, Sarawak had decided to retain Bobby Gonzales this season, making it very likely to see the combination of both Bobby – Salibasic reemerge for 2019.

With solid tactics from Farhan, and the possibility of having Bobby and Salibasic both playing up-front, there is a lot of hope from fans that this is the season Sarawak makes an impact.

Question however is, is Salibasic really back?

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