A tricky encounter awaits the Crocs as they travel to Kuala Terengganu to face club side T-Team.

T-Team has not been performing well lately, and the relegation battlers are rooted at the bottom of the league with four points at the moment.

Despite that, they are not to be underestimated because the league has just played its fifth game, and the three week break would have been used fully by the team led by Azraai Khor Abdullah, whom himself is an experienced tactician.

The fixture would see T-team, who also go by the name The Titans, rely heavily on their 33-year-old import Evaldo Rodrigues Gonçalves. The Brazillian has scored twice so far, and scouts from UltraCrocs have mentioned about his aerial ability, particularly during set pieces.

Another striker, Azlan Ismail would also pose great danger to the Crocs back four as the Azlan is not only aggressive but also an accurate passes. That said, the combination of both Evaldo and Azlan could be lethal if not closed down properly by the Sarawakian defenders.

An interesting observation towards T-Team also revealed that most of their defenders are above 1.75cm, which means that high balls into the box in search of that goal scoring header might not just work for Sarawak.

Despite leaking the most goals in the league so far, the abundance of experience in T-team’s defences can’t be ruled out with youngster keeper Shahril Sa’ari showing promising ability.

T-Team’s poor result in the last three games could be easily justified considering they were playing against Malaysian football giants like Kelantan, Terengganu and ATM, with a surprise win over fancied JDT.

Those results therefore show that T-Team can punish teams that take them for-granted, and this is something Robert Alberts, the head coach of Sarawak should be emphasizing when he briefs his men for the all important away fixture tomorrow.