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2nd & 3rd Sarawak 2015 kit leaked by LSC website

Looks like Lea Sports Center (LSC) is getting all excited to reveal the latest kit for Sarawak in 2015 as they continue to leak details of their jersey for us.  Previously, they leaked the home kit details on their official website, enabling us to piece something for you.

We discovered today that they have uploaded another two pieces of the new jersey, the away and third kit jerseys, with hope fans would pre-order them at the whopping RM159 price.

Well, thanks to their detailed description on the site, we have been able to put up an image of the away and third kit, which we believe is 90% almost similar to the real thing.

According to LSC’s official site, the second or blue kit retains the royal/navy stripes and adds the printing of a 2D flame, and since we have heard that the jersey doesn’t change much, the following is our rendition of the new away kit.

Our artist impression of the new 2015 Sarawak away kit
Our artist impression of the new 2015 Sarawak away kit

As you have noticed, the jersey’s flames are white in colour, similar to last season’s design which spots a white fade below the jersey. It is our belief that LSC retained the white for the flames because using yellow for the 2D flames would be just plain weird and ugly.  The change of the ‘Sarawak Energy’ logo on the front of the jersey was based on a tip we received from within Sarawak Energy that said the company preferred ‘a plain name design’, instead of the distorted logo like last season, which clearly didn’t help the Sarawak Energy branding.

The yellow or third kit on the other hand, is designed in a bright yellow as mentioned in the LSC site, and with nothing much said to have been added in the description, except for the ribbed round neck.  Those information was good enough for our designers have come up with the design below.

Our artist impression of the new 2015 Sarawak away kit
Our artist impression of the new 2015 Sarawak away kit

In our opinion, the design doesn’t differ much from last season, hence yet again making us feel there is a huge lack of creativity in the designing of the jersey, particularly since StarSports, the brand of the jersey, is designed in Kuching.

That said, we stand by our opinion that the new 2015 jerseys seem to lack creativity, and we hope that it will improve in 2016.

Before we end this ‘heated’ article, we would like to say that our ‘artist impression’ of the home design is 98% confirmed correct as we received a call from someone of rank, asking us how we knew about the design, and who was our source.

Such inquiry only confirms what we have pieced together from social media sites.

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